Enjoy Life Foods

Eat Freely

Project: Allergy-friendly foods rock!

What is it like to have a food allergy and not be able to find a product that is visually appealing plus tastes good? Well, tough unless you are Enjoy Life Foods, who makes products that are allergy friendly, non-GMO, gluten-free and filled natural ingredients.


Our challenge was to tell the in-depth story of Enjoy Life Foods in static banner ads, directing the consumer to learn more about how their allergy-friendly foods were tasty and appealing. We did this by leading with the benefit and then the insight of enticement. Crazy Good. Chocolate lovers. We also executed a third set of banners demystifying the idea that one could make soft baked cookies without adding preservatives in order to make them soft. soft AND safe became a driver to learn more.

My Role:

Develop an engaging banner campaign, based on print creative, driving consumers to Enjoy Life Foods' website to learn more about the benefits of their allergy friendly food products.


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