Bristol-Myers Squibb

Crohn's disease clinical trial

Project: Crohn's Clinical Trial

Continuum Clinical is a sister agency to Blue Chip Marketing and they focus on working with clients who need assistance in developing marketing campaigns for clinical trials, including fully fleshed out websites that touch prospective patients as well as Healthcare Professionals.


Our challenge was to create an empathetic website for those who are suffering from Crohn's disease and who have yet to find a current drug on the market that would assist them in alleviating the condition. We had to tell the story in a compelling way and in doing so, we created a video with various food items, which are know to flare-up this disease and branded each of them them with a toilet, and had them placed one at a time in the background. The video was an instant hit with the client as they were trying to find a way to find an easy way to identify with prospective patients.

My Role:

I was responsible for working hand-in-hand with the print and UX designers in building out a site that would bring to life the printed material patients would find in their doctor's office. The print designer and I worked with a videographer who shot the video and assisted him with our vision for the website and for statice images to be used in the social media campaign.



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