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What a difference a drop makes

Project: What a difference a drop makes

McCormick has been known amongst bakers and cooks to be the leader in the extracts category. With their move into bigger retailers, such as Walmart, they wanted to tell their story through the product's benefits. What was developed was a multi-pronged digital campaign informing customers about how a drop of McCormick extract will liven up holiday recipes.

300 x 250 banner


Our challenge was to find a way to emphasize how powerful the flavor can be in any one of McCormick's extract. After concepting several ideas, we decided to leverage the "drop" as our key visual in order to emphasize just how great McCormick extracts really are for the home cook.

My Role:

Develop engaging banners which click through to the McCormick tract's microsite where the end user is able to learn more about the product and get great recipes.

300 x 600 banner

McCormick microsite:

The banners I created for the "What a difference a drop makes" campaign engaged the end user to click through to get recipes from the microsite which our web design team developed. We worked closely to make sure that each of the creative pieces we were working on was in sync both visually and in messaging.



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