Knosey mobile application

The mobile application that sniffs out your favorite food!

Project: Knosey

Knosey is a fictitious phone app, making use of new scent technology in smartphones that process an aroma and pinpoints what dish/cuisine it is and identifies the restaurant it came from near your location.


In order to understand how mobile applications work, we were given Knosey as an introductory project. Tasks included building out an executable dashboard that serves search results using the new scent technology.

My Role:

UI/UX Designer

Logo design:

First part of the project was to build the brand. I started with pencil and paper and sketched out ideas.

Splash Screen:

Next, I worked on the design of the splash screen.

On boarding Sketches:

I wanted to streamline the on boarding process while still allowing the user to set-up favorite foods and cuisines so they would be able to receive push notifications when their favorite eats were within their geolocation.

UI kit:

Once sketches were completed, it was time to develop the UI kit for the app.


The final product is an easy to use app which generates a list of restaurants based on users "smell" preferences and within their geolocation. The Knosey hat icons on the screen are used as the rating scale based on other Knosey users.


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